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PPE alert Survey Print E-mail
Friday, 24 April 2020 11:53

Prize Draw to win £250 of Shopping Vouchers Print E-mail
Wednesday, 25 March 2020 11:37

Dear UNISON Member,


We want to let you know about the UNISON Free Prize Draw to win £250 of Shopping Vouchers which is closing very soon. We also want to let you know, especially with the likely 5% increase next month on NHS dental treatment costs (yet again), that you could be protecting yourself from this government teeth tax by putting up to £500 per person back in their pocket every year with the UNISON NHS Dental Plan .






The UNISON Free Prize Draw to win £250 of Shopping Vouchers is only open to enter until the 30th April 2020 so enter now for free (or just reply to this email saying "Agree & Enter") before it closes. 

The UNISON free prize draw is available to you, your friends, family and colleagues so feel free to 
forward this email on. The winner will receive their prize on or before the 8th May 2020.






The price of just 3 check-ups, a filling, a crown and a scale & polish is already £400* and this will likely rise again by an inflation busting 5% next month as it has every year for as long as we can remember.



Getting your teeth insured is as important as insuring your car or home. Affordable dental care is critical for UNISON members and their families to avoid important NHS dental treatment being delayed/missed on account of this ever spiralling government teeth tax.


With the UNISON NHS Dental Plan, one of your potentially largest and most unavoidable bills will be paid in full up to £500 per year per policyholder every year. Simply  join   our low-cost, high-cover NHS dental policy (which is available at an exclusive rate for all UNISON members, their family, friends and colleagues) without even having to pay a penny today. Every policyholder on your plan gets £500 of immediate NHS dental cover in line with the benefits table below:




There's no cost to apply, nothing to pay today and, once you're a member, the price is not affected by your age increasing or by how often you claim! It's also a monthly plan with no annual commitment so apply now and put your money to much better use.



Work term time only in Schools Print E-mail
Wednesday, 04 March 2020 14:16

UNISON has identified a potential problem with how Hertfordshire Council calculates holiday pay for its term-time-only staff working in cleaning, catering and midday meals.

It could mean you’re receiving less holiday pay than you’re entitled to.

We need you to join together and ask the council to change its calculations to make sure you get all the money you should.

Please join up and fill in the form overleaf to join our grievance.

We’re currently investigating how it affects other term-time-only staff so join up and help us make pay fair in Hertfordshire.

Not yet in UNISON?

Join today at or call 0800 171 2193

Are you being shortchanged?

UNISON, the UK’s biggest union for school support staff, has won two major court cases giving a significant boost to part-time workers.

In the Greenwich and Brazel cases, UNISON showed that many councils were using the wrong formula to calculate annual leave entitlement, costing some staff hundreds of pounds a year.

UNISON is approaching councils and academies across the country, pushing them to get it right.

Hertfordshire schools

We’ve identified that the way Hertfordshire County Council schools — and many academies in Hertfordshire — calculates leave for their cleaning and catering workers and midday meals supervisors is wrong and are investigating other term-time-only staff.

We need to speak as a united front and convince the Council to change it, so you get the right pay.

We know how important this is for thousands of part-time staff, so we’re waiving our normal rules that you have to be a member for four weeks before we represent you.

Together, we will submit a collective grievance to the council, telling them they need to change. We’re stronger together, so please join up and encourage your colleagues to join UNISON today by calling 0800 171 2193 or visiting

Join the collective grievance – the more that join, the more likely we are to succeed.


Home address


Phone number

Job title(s)



Greenwich case

In 2012, a UNISON member thought she had lost too much money when switching from full time to part time.

We realised that London council had been using the wrong formula to calculate annual leave, with some people missing out on up to five days.

UNISON brought employment tribunal claims on behalf of 476 of the term-time only staff, arguing that they had been unlawfully treated less favourably than colleagues owing to their part-time status.

Last November, the council agreed to change its formula, backdating it to 1 January 2013.

Five-thousand part-time cleaners, teaching assistants, catering, administrative, school meal workers and other staff working for Greenwich Council shared in a £4m payout.

Harpur Trust v Brazel & UNISON

At the Court of Appeal in August, UNISON won a case confiming that all workers are entitled to a minimum of 28 days paid annual leave, even if they are not given work or paid for parts of the year.

Music teacher, Mrs Lesley Brazel was supported by UNISON to defend her claim against Harpur Trust, her term-time employer. The Trust claimed she was entitled to leave and pay below the statutory minimum.

I am contracted to work term time only.

Yes ❑ No ❑

I receive my payslip from Hertfordshire County Council.

Yes ❑ No ❑

I have been working term time only for years and months.

Car Parks in Hertford Print E-mail
Thursday, 16 January 2020 14:32

Please note if you are visiting UNISON,parking is very limited so please see list of pay car parks nearby



Gascoyne Way Car Park, SG14 1DB              


Hartham Common Car Park,  SG14 1QR      


Hartham Lane Car Park,     SG14 1QN    


Old London Road Car Park,  SG13 7LA  


Port Vale Car Park,  SG14 3AA 


St Andrew Street Car Park,  SG14 1HZ 


Wallfields Car Park ,  SG13 8EQ




Steward and Health and Safety Rep vacancies Print E-mail
Thursday, 08 March 2018 10:46

steward-and-health-safety-rep-posterpdfclick here to download PDF


We're here when you need us Print E-mail
Wednesday, 21 February 2018 12:28


pdfclick here to download PDF

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