What is a Union Learning Representative? Print E-mail

A Union Learning Representative (ULR) actively helps members to gain training in the workplace and support them in achieving their learning goals.  

This role is recognised by ACAS and in the Employment Act 2002 which sets out the statutory rights of union learning representatives such as the entitlement to ‘reasonable’ time off and facilities to perform their duties.  Union members are also entitled to time off to receive the services of union learning representatives.

Union learning representatives must be trained by UNISON (or the TUC) and they may also have relevant experience in teaching, training or careers guidance. Further courses and qualifications are available to learning representatives in areas such as information, advice and guidance (IAG).

The UNISON Hertfordshire County Council Branch will also provide ongoing support to representatives. They will therefore be competent to perform their role and provide a valuable source of expertise, as well as having an organic link to workplace members.

RECOGNITION  Union learning representatives are allowed time off for the following functions: 

  • analysing learning and training needs
  • providing information and advice about learning or training matters
  • arranging learning or training
  • promoting the value of learning
  • consulting the employer about such activities
  • undergoing training for their union learning representative role


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